Kidney Transplant

Since 2005, the kidney transplant program at Saint Francis Hospital has been welcoming patients from across Oklahoma and neighboring states. According to the United Network for Organ Sharing, the national organization that registers waiting transplant patients and matches potential donors, more than 16,000 kidney transplants are completed annually; however, more than 68,000 people remain on the list waiting for kidneys to become available. Over 300 of those people are waiting in Oklahoma.

Kidney Transplant Evaluation

You must have a physician referral to be considered in our kidney transplant program. During the evaluation process, our highly skilled and dedicated team will help you through the many tests, procedures and visits you will have with doctors and other medical professionals. This process will help to determine if a kidney transplant is the right treatment for you.

Wait List for a Kidney Transplant

If you're accepted as a transplant candidate, you will be placed on the UNOS wait list. There are many factors that determine the amount of time you will wait for a kidney including:
  • age
  • prior transplant
  • diabetic history
  • time on dialysis
  • your blood type
  • how sensitized you are to a potential kidney donor
You may still look for living donors while you're on the transplant wait list. The average wait time at Saint Francis is between one and two years.

Types of Kidneys You May Receive

Living Donors:

Living donation is the optimal choice. A kidney from a living donor lasts an average of 15 years.
  • Someone you know has surgery to give you a kidney.
  • The transplant can occur much sooner.
  • The kidney generally works better and for a longer period of time

Deceased Donors:

Kidneys from deceased donors usually last seven to 10 years.
  • Donor or their family consents to donate organs after declaration of brain death.
  • Multiple policies and procedures are followed to ensure appropriate organs are available for donation based on UNOS criteria.

Post Transplant

Following surgery, most patients stay in the hospital for five to seven days. Once you return home, you'll have some restrictions to your daily activities such as:
  • no driving for about two weeks
  • no lifting over 10 pounds
  • no strenuous activity
Follow-up care is required for the rest of your life. Please make yourself available for examinations, lab work and other tests your doctor orders.

Learn More About Kidney Transplants at Saint Francis Hospital

For questions about our kidney transplant program, or to attend one of our informational classes, please call 918-502-3900 or 888-801-0018.

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