Maps and Directions

Saint Francis Hospital South is located on the northeast corner of 91st Street and Highway 169. 

Saint Francis Hospital South Entrance and Parking

The main entrance to the Saint Francis Hospital South campus is on 91st Street between Highway 169 and South Garnett Road.

Saint Francis Hospital South
10501 East 91st Street South [Map location]
Tulsa, OK 74133

Main Hospital Entrance

The main hospital entrance is located on the northwest side of the campus and faces south. Front door drop off is available with surface parking nearby.

Cardinal Building Entrance

The Cardinal Building entrance is located in the center of the campus and faces southeast. Close, surface parking is available.

Bishops Building

The Bishop Building is located on the east side of campus with the main entrance facing north. Easy, front door drop off is available with ample parking in the parking garage. There are also entrances to each floor of the building from corresponding levels in the parking garage.