Orthopedic Services

Thousands of Tulsa-area residents wake up each morning with stiff, sore, worn-out hip and knee joints. Are you one of them?

Whether you're dealing with the effects of a sporting accident, joint problem or arthritis, the high-quality orthopedic services provided by the specialists at Saint Francis Hospital South will help you return to the life you love.

Expert Orthopedics for More Mobility, Less Pain

The orthopedic services team at Saint Francis Hospital South specializes in the assessment, diagnosis, and non-surgical and surgical treatment of common orthopedic conditions, be it acute or chronic disorders of traumatic or overuse injuries.

Our physicians believe in conservative therapy and will work with you on appropriate orthopedic treatments before recommending surgery. Additionally, our rapid rehabilitation approach is designed to increase flexibility and strength and help you return more quickly to normal health and mobility.

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