Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care at Saint Francis Health System is a function of the Department of Religion. Through the Pastoral Care office, spiritual needs of patients are attended by the Catholic priests, sisters and lay pastoral visitors. The Pastoral Care staff also works closely with ministers in the area to comfort and support patients, family members and other visitors from outside the Tulsa area who have occasion to come to the hospital.

Led by The Religious Sisters of Mercy, the Department of Religion and Pastoral Care team strive to visit and minister every day to as many patients at Saint Francis Hospital and Saint Francis Hospital South as possible. The Religious Sisters of Mercy, with its Motherhouse located in Alma, Michigan, is a Religious Institute of Pontifical status dedicated to the Spiritual and Corporal works of Mercy. Established in 1973 in response to the renewal called for in the Second Vatican Council, the Institute recognizes Venerable Catherine McAuley as its original founder in 1831.

When illness or injury strikes, the whole person is affected. One’s faith, feelings, hopes, relationships and even one’s view of self can change. The role of the Pastoral Care staff is to listen carefully and understand compassionately, to care and to pray with those who desire to do so. We believe people can help each other and be open to the healing of body, mind and spirit that God wills for us.