Your feet must last a lifetime, and most Americans log an amazing 75,000 miles on their feet by the time they reach age 50. Regular foot care can make sure your feet are up to the task. With proper detection, intervention and care, most foot and ankle problems can be lessened or prevented.
A podiatrist will diagnose and treat conditions affecting the foot, ankle and related structures of the leg.

Common Foot Conditions and Risk Factors Include: 

• Arthritis
• Diabetes
• Cardiovascular disease
• Foot and ankle injuries
• Muscle and tendon problems
• Skin disorders
• Toe joint and nerve disorders
• Toenail problems
Foot problems may be treated with shoe inserts, any kind of non-prescription foot support designed to be worn inside a shoe, or with custom orthotics, specially-made devices designed to support and comfort your feet.
Surgery may also be considered when pain or deformity persists in order to alleviate discomfort and restore the function of your foot.
Don’t ignore your feet for too long. If you suffer from a foot ailment, make an appointment.

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