Primary Care

The adult primary care specialists at Warren Clinic - including our skilled family care doctors and internists - are your gatekeepers to good health. They treat most medical problems while guiding your overall wellness, and coordinating your care with specialists when needed.

Primary Care Providers

Adult primary care providers are specialized in one of two areas:
  • Family Medicine - Doctors who are dedicated to the whole person, regardless of their age.
  • Internal Medicine - Also known as "Adult Medicine," this specialty focuses on the overall health and wellness of adults.

Primary Care Services to Support Health and Wellness

When you're healthy and feeling good, your Warren Clinic adult primary care physician will support wellness through annual physical examinations, routine immunizations and general health information.

You can rely on our family care physicians to recommend appropriate diagnostic tests or assessment screenings, like a heart stress test or mammogram screening, as well as provide a broad spectrum of primary care services, including:
  • Coordination of care with other specialists and medical professionals
  • Diagnosis of medical conditions
  • Health education
  • Management of chronic illness
  • Preventative care
  • Treatment of acute illness
If you are sick, your adult primary care physician will diagnose and treat your condition, including non-emergencies, such as:
  • Chronic disease management: Your primary care physician will help you manage chronic conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.
  • Cold and Flu: If you have a sore throat or cold symptoms, your primary care physician will help determine whether you are suffering from the common cold, a virus or the flu.
  • Infections: Your primary care physician will diagnose and treat ear and eye infections, in addition to other common complaints.
  • Upset Stomach: Your physician can help determine whether your digestive upset is caused by the flu, or if it is a sign of a more complicated problem that requires a visit to a specialist.

See an Adult Primary Care Specialist

Learn more about Warren Clinic Family Medicine doctors and locations or search our Find a physician section / call 918-488-6688 to find your partner in health. Same-day appointments are usually available for sick visits.

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