Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

Taking care of little hearts is our specialty. After all, cardiac problems aren't just for adults. It's hard to imagine a teeny-tiny baby having big heart problems. It's even harder to imagine how big doctors mend those little hearts. But, The Children's Hospital at Saint Francis' team of pediatric heart specialists and surgeons can – just ask the 3,000 to 4,000 children treated there each year.

One out of every 100 babies is born with some type of congenital heart disease. Identifying heart disease early in kids is just as important as it is in adults. How early? The Children's Hospital Cardiac Program seeks to detect heart problems before a child is even born. With the aid of fetal echocardiography, physicians can begin treatment the instant a child is born.

Infants and children with suspect heart trouble are referred to a cardiologist who is specially-trained to treat kids. Our pediatric cardiologists correct many problems with cardiac catheter procedures. Sometimes surgery by our pediatric cardiac surgeon is necessary.

Preparing a child and his or her family for a heart procedure or surgery can be a challenge. Unfortunately, most toddlers aren't impressed by our physicians' credentials or surgical suites just for children. On top of that, Mom and Dad are usually terrified. Our staff explains your child's procedure with the help of drawings and even rag dolls. These "heart dolls" show young children where their "heart boo-boo" is and how it will be fixed. A pre-operative tour through anesthesia and surgery also prepares families for surgery.

Little heart patients recover in our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, one-of-a-kind in eastern Oklahoma. The PICU offers advanced medical treatment as your child recovers.

Our Pediatric Cardiac Program extends to branches in Stillwater, Tahlequah and Bartlesville through our outreach program. Young children unable to travel can receive treatment at these outreach clinics. Many children are also flown in from a wide region covering northeastern Oklahoma, southwestern Kansas, southwestern Missouri and northwestern Arkansas.

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