Pediatric General Surgery

At Warren Clinic, our board-certified pediatric general surgeons provide specialized surgical care for problems or conditions affecting children, from newborns through teens. These conditions must be recognized immediately by neonatologists, pediatricians and family physicians. Pediatric surgeons cooperate with all of the specialists involved in a child's medical care to determine whether surgery is the best option for the child.

Pediatric General Surgery Procedures

As outlined by the American College of Surgeons, our highly skilled pediatric surgeons have particular expertise in the following areas:

  • Neonatal: Pediatric general surgeons have specialized knowledge in the surgical repair of birth defects, some of which may be life threatening to premature and full-term infants.

  • Prenatal: Pediatric general surgeons, in cooperation with radiologists, use ultrasound and other technologies during the fetal stage of a child's development to detect any abnormalities. They can then plan corrective surgery and educate and get to know parents before their baby is born.

  • Trauma: Because trauma is the number one killer of children in the United States, pediatric surgeons are routinely faced with critical care situations involving traumatic injuries sustained by children that may or may not require surgical intervention. Many pediatric surgeons are involved in accident prevention programs in their communities that are aimed at curbing traumatic injuries in children.

  • Pediatric Oncology: Pediatric surgeons are involved in the diagnosis and surgical care of children with malignant tumors as well as those with benign growths.
Our specialized team takes great pride in combining pediatric surgical excellence with huge doses of warmth and compassion for each patient. We share a commitment to doing all we can to ease the anxieties of children, parents and other family members, as well as to make every child and family's visit as easy and comfortable as possible.

Learn More About Pediatric General Surgery at Warren Clinic

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