Types of Diabetes

The terminology used to describe diabetes can be confusing, and may contribute to the fact that as many as 8 million people have the disease and don’t know it. Diabetes mellitus is the proper name for the disease; however, because it represents a disturbance in the body’s use of sugar, the term “sugar diabetes” was once commonly used. Other terms also may be used to define specific types of diabetes.
Type 1 diabetes most commonly develops in childhood or by late adolescence. Type 1 diabetes has also been called juvenile diabetes and insulin-dependent diabetes.
Type 2 diabetes most commonly develops during a person’s middle years. However, the incidence of type 2 diabetes in children and adolescents is increasing at an alarming rate. Type 2 diabetes has also been called adult-onset diabetes and non-insulin dependent diabetes.
Secondary diabetes is a type of diabetes caused by another medical problem. If the primary problem can be corrected, the diabetes usually goes away.
Gestational diabetes is a problem unique to pregnancy. While a woman who has developed gestational diabetes may be at higher risk for developing gestational diabetes again, the problem of gestational diabetes is usually limited to the duration of the pregnancy. However, in 60 percent of women diagnosed with gestational diabetes, type 1 or type 2 diabetes will develop within 20 years.

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