What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism, the essential process which converts foods to fuels and other materials the body needs to sustain life. Normally, the process is continuous despite wide variations in meal pattern and composition, because hormones tell the body how to use the products of digestion. A delicate balance is maintained between the need to utilize nutrients immediately and the need to store them for later.
A key factor is the management of sugars and starches, which can be converted into either glucose, the body's most accessible fuel source, or into glycogen and fat, the body's stored fuels. Insulin is the hormone that regulates sugar metabolism, and a source of failure when the disease known properly as diabetes mellitus develops.

Simply Stated

Diabetes is a disease of insulin insufficiency that may result from an inadequate supply of insulin, an inability of the body to use insulin effectively or a combination of these deficiencies. Either way, energy production is impaired affecting not just the supply of available fuel, but the functioning of all body organs and systems as well.

The Impact of Diabetes

Taking into consideration the types of complications which can develop over the years with diabetes, it is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States. Costs of the disease are significant, with an estimated yearly loss of $92 billion in the United States from lost productivity, disability, medical care and premature deaths. To the person who has diabetes, however, the impact is more personal. An increased risk of heart and kidney disease, blindness, nerve damage, dental problems and serious foot and leg problems are all complications associated with diabetes. Treatment involves daily management of blood sugars so that an active and healthy life can be attained. 

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