How to Choose a Medical Spa

The medically-based spa at Warren Clinic Plastic Surgery is a healthy blend of medical clinic and day spa. As you consider our various services to help you look and feel your best, please review the following frequently asked questions to guide you in selecting our medical spa.

Select the Best Medi Spa for You

The medical spa at Warren Clinic Plastic Surgery operates under the supervision of our board-certified specialists, Paul A. Berry, M.D., and Kevin P. Kunkel, M.D. Both are members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons which recommends the following questions when choosing a medical spa.

Is the medical spa located within a physician's office?
While problems are infrequent, physician's offices generally have medical personnel available if a problem develops.
Is the medical spa located outside of a doctor's office, for example, in a mall or salon?
If so, ask the name of the physician responsible for oversight and when they are available for consultation or questions before having any injectable, deep peel or laser treatment. Also, ask about the training of any other medical personnel. This is vital to protect your health and insure an optimal outcome. These are generally safe procedures with minimal recovery, but do have real risks.
What are the credentials of the physician supervising my treatment in the medical spa?
Injectables (such as Botox and tissue fillers), skin treatments (such as laser, intense pulsed light and radiofrequency) and deep peels should be under the supervision of board-certified plastic surgeons or dermatologists. Ask to see these credentials. Doctors in other specialties, designating themselves as “cosmetic medicine physicians,” may lack the comprehensive training that is needed for administering drugs and treatments to the deeper levels of the skin and lack the experience necessary to achieve optimal aesthetic results or to manage potential complications. Just as you wouldn’t see an allergist if you were having a baby, it’s in your best interest to see a physician who specializes in plastic surgery and dermatologic care when seeking cosmetic medical procedures.
Who is performing the injection?
Never allow a non-medical, unlicensed person to perform a medical procedure, and be sure that the procedure is supervised by a physician board-certified in plastic surgery or dermatology. Your health and safety depend on it. These procedures should never be performed in someone’s home, hotel room or at a party. This is not only unethical and legally risky for the injector, but unsafe and potentially dangerous for you.
What should I expect from my medical procedure?
Discuss your expectations with your provider. If you are promised unqualified, 100 percent success it is probably best not to proceed.
Am I taking the procedure seriously?
Surgical deep peels and injectables like soft fillers and Botox are not the same as getting facials or other superficial beauty regimens. Make sure you have done your homework on the treatment you seek and be aware that these are medical procedures.

Make an Appointment with the Medical Spa at Warren Clinic Plastic Surgery

If you have any questions or need more information about our medi-spa services, please call 918-502-7175. Our staff will be happy to guide you in selecting the best services for you.