Skin Cancer Removal

Reconstructive surgery is used to remove cancerous growths from the skin and restore the area to as near normal as possible. Depending on the cancer, it can take one or multiple procedures to remove all of the affected area. Warren Clinic Plastic Surgery works with a patient's dermatologist or primary care physician to arrange for skin cancer removal. Most often the skin will be numbed with a local anesthetic and the procedure will be completed on an outpatient bases.

There are many topics to discuss when considering options for skin cancer removal. A client's diagnosis, lifestyle and wishes are all taken in to consideration. Below are just a few items that are discussed during the consultation with Warren Clinic Plastic Surgery.

  • What type of skin cancer does the patient have?
  • What treatment regimen has the oncologist prescribed?
  • Discuss the patient's medical conditions and previous surgeries, drug allergies and medical treatments, including current medications, vitamins and herbal supplements as well as alcohol and tobacco use.

The physicians at Warren Clinic Plastic Surgery will use this information to evaluate the patient's general health status and any pre-existing health conditions. They will discuss general risk factors as well as any individual risk factors a patient may have. They will also talk to the patient about the recommended course of treatment and any potential complications.

Paul A. Berry, M.D., and Kevin Kunkel, M.D., are board certified and members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Why is this important?

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